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Deadly tool for targeting postal codes

Nowadays, both Facebook and Instagram can reach geographic areas in paid advertising only based on the postal codes of each place. (This publicity is very economical because of the tremendous benefit it has associated with that we can directly address a human group with current needs, that is, we can choose demographic populations with language, closing factories, stores, catastrophes, cessation of payments, etc.)
This is something fabulous, because at a very low cost we attract only interested people who, seeing the powerful website in addition to the online tools, will no doubt that it is an international business served on a silver platter.
With only a postal code of the site in question you can find all the postal codes in a circle to it and up to 10 levels, covering in each level a greater radius of action that is, reaching an entire city if it is your interest.
Why this? Because the workers of those companies, either in closure or due to some economic need in that place, live near the site we mentioned.
You can export the results to Excel or text, so you can separate zip codes to be used in your advertising campaigns for your products or services.
Valid only for the United States at the moment but, as ours is an international business and Youngevity takes care of your income with each new associate, distributors of any country can do this propaganda, they should only be attentive to where the market niche is produced.

How to use Deadly tool for targeting postal codes

Think of A as a factory that is shutting down and leaving thousands of workers unemployed, or a shop in a chain of stores closing or perhaps a US area with a high density of Hispanics or where other nationalities are concentrated, we can practically do a propaganda addressed to where the problem occurs or where the affected people live.


Zip Code 62002 , Choosing LEVEL 1, on this zipcode you get 15 different surrounding zip code areas. Alton, Illinois
Nearest Zip Codes: 62018 - Cottage Hills, IL, 62010 - Bethalto, IL, 62024 - East Alton, IL, 62012 - Brighton, IL, 62095 - Wood River, IL, 62035 - Godfrey, IL, 63386 - West Alton, MO, 62067 - Moro, IL, 62048 - Hartford, IL, 62087 - South Roxana, IL, 62084 - Roxana, IL. 62021 - Dorsey, IL, 63138 - Saint Louis, MO, 62079 - Piasa, IL, 63034 - Florissant, MO

This is an example, member have access through their backoffice