Socorro T. BLOG

Socorro T. BLOG


If there is something I learned in life, we are children of this earth, a wonderful planet and that every molecule, every atom of our body came from the planet where we were born, we are made of the same material and elements that the planet has and if they are missing, because we spend them and we do not replace them in their proper measure, something will work badly in our bodies, especially in these days where fast foods and big cities take us away more and more from fertile fields with all the nutrients and minerals that the vegetables and plants, which we consumed, brought us and replenished those essential elements of which we are made but no longer have them.

Youngevity put them at our disposal, every day for the rest of our lives and with them, in our body feels the difference in quality of life without having to be more the experiment of the pharmaceutical companies trying inventions with the objective of filling their pockets regardless of the quality of life we have, the business, for them is to keep us sick for as long as possible so that we consummate their inventions, not so that we enjoy a healthy and full of life to which all living beings have a right since the creation.

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The effort of a man, a student of life in living beings and he found, because the quality of life that should be, decays either at a young age or in some years, the answer is the deficiency of essential nutrients in our diet, do no avoid the reality that you has to live and, because of money, they does not let you know, the doctors and governments included.